Anonymous asked: How do u keep fit?

Hi, Anon. Actually, I’m having a hard time controlling my food intakes. I mean, there’s school + stress. I can’t stop eating!!! Well, anyway. The only key is DISCIPLINE. Always remember that it doesn’t happen overnight, so one step at a time! Have a great day! *winks

Secrets of K


                                     Caitlin Kaye A. Apura | 18 | PH

                                          A demitasse freak

Hi! I’m currently studying in Cebu Doctor’s University taking up the course Bachelor of Science in Medical Laboratory. I’m on my 2nd year in what I call it “Hogwarts” (Except that the wizards & witches don’t wear black robes.) I’m focused in Potion class - Chemistry, I sayyy.

I love coffees as much as I love books. (Well, books are my life and so does coffee) I am artsy in my own little way. Dream catchers are my Achilles’ heels. I am an OC person, which means I care too much with the details of everything. Yuz, ev-ree-thing. I love my parents (Should I tell you how supportive they are? Hm.) My family is what makes me happy - they’re my beyond compare treasures!

I may be near to God yet I want to be as close as possible. I can’t say I’m a Jesus freak, but I consider Him as one of my real friends.

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